Nimbus Note
Nimbus Note will make sure you never forget or lose valuable information ever again! Create and edit notes, save web pages, customize screenshots — and instantly share them with your friends and coworkers. Your important information follows you everywhere you go for instant access anytime, anywhere.

Nimbus Clipper
Nimbus Clipper will help you capture any content from the internet:text, images, links etc. You can capture entire internet pages or create Nimbus notes from fragments of internet pages.

Nimbus Screenshot
Nimbus Screen Capture can capture the whole browser window or a selected section of it. Or maybe you want to simply draw a picture or sketch a mockup? Nimbus Screen Capture can help with that!

Everhelper is the fastest and most convenient way to save and share any type of links. Sync your computer and mobile devices with the assistance of Everhelper and your information will always be with you wherever you are! Everhelper – the most reliable helping hand in your daily life!

FVD Speed Dial
The best tool for saving and organizing the links to your favorite sites. Classy design, dial customization and convenient backup - all these are just a few of the features that you now have available to you!

Enjoy access to your favorite sites, bookmarks and tabs from any computer and any browser - with perfect ease! Eversync will keep your favorite content within your immediate reach at all times!

Incredible Start page
with live wallpapers

  • Meditation Mode
  • To-Do list
  • Clocks
  • Weather
  • Bookmark tiles
  • Hundreds of Live Wallpapers and more...

Live Start Page Features

To-Do list

Start getting more done in less time. The easiest way to accomplish your tasks. Organize your to-do, work, movies and household lists.


Highly customizable digital time and date widgets. Choose one of the several types of clocks. Customize colors, styles, date format etc.


Current weather observation and weather forecast for all world locations, it searches for your address automatically, and provides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Bookmark Tiles

Quickly access your favorite websites with the Speed Dial Organize in a beautiful tiles and groups.

Meditation Mode

Get your daily dose of mindfulness.
Relax your mind and regain your focus.
Enjoy beautiful scenes.

More than 500 live themes

For every taste, mood, weather and age!

Meditations for everyone and any occasion

  • Guided Meditations
    Singles and Series
  • Ambient background sounds
    (Fire, River, Ocean, Cat Purr, Rain, Forest and more)
  • Video Themes
    (Relaxation videos that help to visualize)
  • Music Fusion
    (Focus, Meditation, Sleep and more)
  • Peaceful Bell
    Self-Practice meditation with interval bells
Расширения для браузера

Meditations for every occasion

Nimbus Mind is one of the easiest and most convenient ways you will find for learning meditation and staying mindful throughout the day.

Learn to pause, focus, and relax

Build life-changing skills one day at a time. Guided meditation programs give you daily practice in things like tuning out distractions, building confidence, and releasing stress.

Mindfulness for busy schedules

Only have a few minutes? Choose how much time you have and get a customized meditation session to help you through your day.

Drift off to sleep

Your days can be stressful. Your nights shouldn’t be. Fall asleep naturally with soothing relaxation guides and ambient sounds that promote deep, refreshing sleep.

Find peace wherever you are

Manage stress and anxiety with guided meditations that help you to recognize and turn around negative thinking patterns.

Screenshots and ScreenCasts

Key Features:

  • Screenshots & Screencasts
  • Annotate & Edit screenshots and videos
  • Upload & Share
  • Access screenshots and videos from Mobile, Web, and Desktops
  • Collaborate via workspaces
  • OCR for screenshots
  • End-to-End encryption for screenshots & screencasts

Get Nimbus Capture for:

Take screenshots

With Nimbus Capture, you can capture specific fragments or full screen view. You can also create pictures you need from scratch.


Annotate screenshots

Annotate your screenshots with their help of various tools, such as text, pencil, arrows, circle ets.
You can also blur areas of screenshots that you want hidden.

Record screencasts

With the help of Nimbus Capture, you canmake excellent screencasts. For example, you can make an educational video or a video describing a certain problem. Such as video would be much more visual than any screenshot.


Share screenshots and Screencasts

You can send screenshots and screencasts to Nimbus Note. The direct links you get as a result can later be send to your friend and colleagues.